We are looking at different ways our community can access our services.
We are playing with different service delivery models and need to work alongside Maori health providers, community health and mental health services, so it’s better for the patient experience.
We want to develop a whanau ora space upstairs where we will provide rongoa medicine and have kaumatua clinics.
We want to create a multi-functional whanau-centric space where our community feels comfortable to drop in.
We’re also looking at innovative ways of attracting young people into careers in general practice, not just as doctors and nurses.

- Michelle Te Kira General Manager

The waiata at the end of the huddle is a nice bookend to our meetings – it resets us.
When it’s a good day and it’s been an uplifting huddle you can tell in the way we sing - it really makes us fly.
What makes the place so special is the people – our current team, the people who have come before us – it’s our previous owners – it’s the patients we’ve been able to interact with and serve.

- Lisa Hamblin - Operations manager

I’ve been here since the Kaiti Medical days and just celebrated my 25th year with this organisation.
Being with Three Rivers is like being part of a large dysfunctional family really – we love them all – that’s the reason we come to work every day.
It’s about love, it’s about whanau, it’s about how we work together - how we cooperate, how we function together, how we roll with the changes and there have been huge changes in health. 
The advantage of having so many of us who have been here so long means we know a lot of the patients. 
Even though there are more than 19000 patients, it feels like we know every one of them.

- Suze Platten - Nurse prescriber

We have a close relationship with our owner doctors – they care about us and we’re like family.
I’m very proud of everything we’ve achieved – we’re an extremely busy practice and now I work as an office nurse where patients can access us on Healthline. You really have to back yourself but we have a lot of experience so we can offer advice confidently.

- Raewyn Bull - Practice nurse

Three Rivers Medical has been a great place for me to work with my young family.
They have provided me with flexibility, autonomy, trust and understanding. They have given me the opportunity to upskill and learn and I feel well supported by Michelle, management and our team.

- Kate Jacobs - PA/Project manager

There has always been a tikanga here that has carried through from the very beginning.
Because we are such a big practice we are aware that it can seem impersonal so we have always gone out of our way to make patients feel welcome when they walk in here.

- Ingrid Collins - former CEO