Cervical Screening Q & A

What are we testing for?
We are testing for any cells that indicate they may be turning cancerous. Early detection if the best protection.

What are the new changes?
There are 2 options for testing now. The original smear testing which women know about already, and the new HPV self swab.
Meaning you can do the self swab if eligible in the privacy of one our bathrooms, or a nurse can you help you with this

What is a cervix?
The cervix is a muscle that sits at the top of the vagina, and opens into the bottom of the uterus.
(This is what dilates to 10 cm when you have a baby)

Is the new self test as accurate as the other test?
The self swabs are very sensitive, and pick up vaginal cells for testing very easily.

Can I still request a smear the old way?
Yes you can. Please talk to a friendly nurse about this.

What is HPV?

Why screen?
Cancer is very fixable if its caught early.

How do I go about getting in?
Please call our reception team, to make a nurse appointment, you only need 15 minutes for your appointment.

Does it hurt?
No. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it should not hurt.

Is there a cost/charge?
No charge at Three Rivers Medical. Please make an appointment though. Call +64 6 8677411