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Carpark Masterchef

8 November 2016
Delicious and nutritious was the aim of the game at the annual Turanga Health versus Three Rivers Medical Centre Cook Off last week.
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Dr Fergus Aitcheson, Suze Platten and Lisa Hamblin weild the tongs during Friday's Cook Off with Turanga Health

"It was great to be a part of a team that’s all about education," says Masterchef and Nurse Suze Platten.

The two teams worked a long lunch time in shifts creating healthy dishes like beef kebabs and sliders while the public used their taste buds to vote.

Three Rivers might have had the home advantage with the event right outside its practice doors but Turanga Health came out on top.

The biggest success was educating the public with a range of easy, healthy and tasty dishes - and taking a fun break from work, says Three Rivers nurse Suze Platten. "It was great to be a part of a team that’s all about education, and to be out working together like we always do."

The event is also a bonding experience between the two primary health care providers says Turanga Health Manager Dwayne Tamatea. "The relationship with Three Rivers is already strong but like every relationship a bit of bonding is what today was about. That, and giving patients a look at what happens outside general practice."

For those lucky enough to attend the event and sample some of the dishes, casting a vote either way was no easy task. Watene Waikari went with Three Rivers, saying their sliders were simply "awesome". Jim Kahukoti attended the cook off with daughter Azaria. "It was a pretty even mix of food, it was all good."

Azaria, 2, tried almost every dish but was more excited with her brand new Turanga Health bucket hat!