Welcome Dr Laura Ewington

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Welcome Dr Laura Ewington
Dr Laura Ewington

In September Three Rivers Medical welcomed locum Dr. Laura Ewington from the United Kingdom. Laura started her specialist GP training in 2020 at the University Hospitals Dorset. NHS Foundation Trust and said the idea of spending a summer in New Zealand appealed to her.

“I loved the idea of spending the summer in Gisborne – we’ve been out to beautiful places and I am still surprised to visit beaches with no-one on them.”

After organising a visa and getting her NZMC accreditation, saying goodbye to her beloved border terrier, she boarded a flight bound for New Zealand.

“Simon Spenceley helped make this happen and Lisa Hamblin was excellent in helping me sort out my visa and equivalent registrations with the MCNZ (Medical Council NZ). They guided me through all of that and made it pretty seamless,” she says.

Laura hit the deck running and has been seeing patients for almost two months now.

“With 8 years experience working in hospitals in England and two years of specialist GP training, Three Rivers was thrilled to get someone of such high calibre,” says owner and partner Dr Simon Spenceley. “With her extensive experience in internal medicine, we’re very lucky to have Laura join us.”

Laura grew up in Cheshire close to Manchester in the north of England. She studied medicine at the University of Southampton on the south coast of England, graduating at 23 years of age. The first doctor in a family of “finance type people,” Laura says she “bucked the trend”, although she does have an aunt and cousin who are pharmacists.

“I did two years of foundation training – all hospital based general training. Then I did six years of extra hospital medicine – core medical training. I think they call it internal medicine in New Zealand.”

This included adult medicine – cardiology, respiratory, gastro but not surgery or paediatrics. She worked in Bournemouth and Poole hospitals on the south coast.

“I loved the idea of spending the summer in Gisborne – we’ve been out to beautiful places and I am still surprised to visit beaches with no-one on them.”

“My overall impression of New Zealand and Gisborne is that people seem happier and more relaxed than at home – there’s less health anxiety it seems. Even though I am seeing some high needs patients.

“But as a doctor that makes it more challenging and interesting for me. I’m seeing all kinds of people with a huge variety of health concerns.”

Before COVID and now going forwards, the Wessex Deanery branch of Health Education England has regularly sent one or two people to Three Rivers Medical every six months.

Laura’s two years of specialist GP training has included more hospital medicine.

“I have done paediatrics, palliative care, dermatology and elderly care, all in the hospital so far and now I will be here for six months.”

“Everyone has been great – very friendly and welcoming. I’m settling in well and looking forward to making the most of summer.”

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