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Dr. Angus Murray

I love working in this community, and it offers great opportunities to achieve a good work life balance.”
3R Dr. Angus Murray

South Islander Angus Murray joins Three Rivers Medical. 

South Islander Dr Angus Murray always liked science and was fascinated by the human body, but it took him a little while to get to medicine.

The seed was planted early when, as a teen, Angus used to hang around the hospital where his nurse mum worked.

He initially achieved a Bachelor of Science and then took a break to follow his passion of snowboarding and surfing. “I just felt that I had to get that desire to travel out of my system or it would always haunt me,” he says.

Angus then returned to Dunedin to undertake his medical studies, following up with placements in emergency medicine in Australia, in anaesthetics back in Dunedin, and then stints at Tauranga and Gisborne hospitals.

Angus says carrying out his GP training in Gisborne and taking up a position at Three Rivers Medical serves two important purposes. He gets to be in general practice with a great team in provincial New Zealand - and he is located conveniently close to good surf breaks!

“I love working in this community and it offers great opportunities to achieve a good work life balance,” he says.