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Kylie Moressey

Kylie Moressey, originally from Te Karaka, is a Nurse Practitioner internworking with rest homes throughout the district.
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Kylie does all the urgent rest home referrals coming into the medical centres that have signed up for the service; currently Three Rivers Medical, Puhi Kaiti and Desmond Road. This means rest home patients will get a much faster service and more contact with their medical professionals. Kylie will also be conducting the three-monthly medication reviews for rest home patients and is currently holding regular clinics at Beetham and Kiri Te Kanawa Rest Homes.

Previously Kylie worked at Turanga Health's general practice Waikohu Health Centre in Te Karaka. She and a fellow nurse took the lead in an innovative project in 2012 reuniting unwell hard-to-reach patients with general practice, and the medicine and treatment they need.