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Gisborne has world-class restaurants which make great use of all the great food available here. Kiwis are hospitable folks and you will get invited to plenty of dinner parties and barbecues. There is also the Gisborne Food & Wine Festival in October, which showcases the region’s best food and wine spiced with cooking lessons from some of the world’s best chefs.

Each Saturday morning you can chose from two great farmers’ markets to stock up on local fruits, vegetables, wines meats and cheeses, as well as home baking.

Gisborne has some of the world’s finest Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer and a wide range of other varietals. A wine trail is the perfect way to begin the transition from guest to resident, and if you get really keen, it is easy enough to make your own drop. We also have our own microbrewery, Sunshine Breweries, which makes a fine variety of chemical-free all-malt beers.