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As a health professional

If you are a suitably qualified team player and would like to work in a friendly and efficient medical centre, let's talk. We want to meet health professionals who are dedicated to providing great health care - the sort you would want for your own family.

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Enjoy clinical freedom, appropriate recognition, and be part of an innovative General Practice team. 

Three Rivers Medical Centre is involved in a well-established GP training scheme in Gisborne, which is recognised in the UK and leads to membership and fellowship of the RNZCGP. 

UK- and Irish-trained GPs adjust easily to the NZ medical system, which is based on that in the UK, although there are significant differences. The average GP income in the UK is higher than that in NZ, but the cost of living here is lower. The average GP income in NZ buys a very good lifestyle, and a Three Rivers Medical salary will put you in the top 3% on the income ladder. All our UK-trained GPs have noted that we have more clinical freedom here while serving a patient base which is, by comparison, less demanding and more appreciative of the care provided.

USA-trained Family Practitioners are also welcome to join our Three Rivers team. You’ll practice alongside supportive colleagues from all over the world in a busy but rewarding environment. You will work a true 8-9 hour day, with no call and no clinic responsibilities outside office hours. We offer generous leave time, and the occasional day shift on the weekend can be paid at time-and-a-half or traded for future paid leave. You’ll spend most of your time in patient interaction, not charting. Although you will not earn as much in New Zealand as in the states, your trade-off will be the time and energy to enjoy all the beauty and activities that Gisborne and New Zealand have to offer.

Wherever you hail from, support and guidance for the transition is provided. For Irish- and UK-trained GPs, the medical registration and immigration pathways are well-defined, and we have developed clear guidelines for navigation of the Medical Council and immigration websites. For full-time practicing US-trained doctors, the process is equally straightforward and supported.

For all new doctors: During the first year we provide full support, including CME certification, and all supervision requirements of the Medical Council of NZ.

After one year of satisfactory full-time work under Provisional General Registration, it is possible for those UK GPs with the MRCGP who wish to stay, who have good references, and who are suitably experienced, to obtain full vocational registration with the Medical Council of NZ without further assessment, thereby gaining all rights of independent practice in NZ. US-trained doctors, after their first year, can apply for and achieve similar full vocational registration in New Zealand.

Although we generally favour experienced GPs, we will also consider applications from recent graduates who have just completed their GPVTS and who may be interested in taking a break for a year or two in a South Pacific general practice to train in the Kiwi way.