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Dr. Georgia Richmond

"I love Gisborne. What I experience here day by day is so much more rewarding when compared to living somewhere like Auckland."
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When Georgia Richmond told her father she was choosing general practice as her specialty she remembers her father was thrilled.

“When we were growing up I was very aware of the work he did as a GP himself. It was a family practice and he did obstetrics and police work. I have fond memories of that, and so yes, he was very pleased when I chose it too.”

Georgia, 28, has joined Three Rivers Medical after six years medical training in Dunedin and Wellington. She fell in love with Gisborne after a stint working at Puhi Kaiti Community Health Centre but it’s fair to say surfing before and after work has also been an attraction!

“Wainui or Makorori if I can! I love Gisborne. What I experience here day by day is so much rewarding when compared to living somewhere like Auckland. I grew up there but I have left for all the same reasons that everyone else does. Gisborne has everything you need.”

Georgia loves the diversity offered to her being a general practitioner and particularly enjoys providing geriatric and obstetric care and helping children.

She says providing care can be complex particularly when a patient presents with one problem but  during the course of the appointment it becomes clear there are many more social issues adding to the initial reason for seeing a doctor.

“You don’t have the luxury of doing lots of tests right there and then so it can become more about coordinating care and communication between multiple providers.”

“I’m not just working with the body of the person in front of me, but that person’s entire set of circumstances, and that’s what I love about this job.”

Three Rivers Medical welcomes Georgia Richmond.