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About Three Rivers Medical

Three Rivers Medical began as an initiative of the owners of Kaiti Medical Centre, which out-grew rooms in Kaiti, the eastern suburb of Gisborne, where it had been for 30 years. New Zealand’s government wants better sooner more convenient health services. We are a group of health professionals who decided to make this vision a reality; Three Rivers Medical opened in August 2012.

Other News

Really sick patients get help navigating health care system

7 March 2017

NEW Zealand’s healthcare system can be difficult, confusing and frightening when you’re really sick with something that can’t be easily cured. Whether it be arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure, managing a long term condition can be tough, says new Three Rivers Medical nurse Rachel Ferkins who’s been employed to help.

Yellow fever vaccine now available in Gisborne

3 November 2016

Yellow fever vaccinations are available in Gisborne now that a Three Rivers Medical GP has achieved the relevant qualifications.

Love your bones, protect your future

12 September 2016

This month, Three Rivers Medical is supporting the World Osteoporosis Day ‘Love Your Bones Protect Your Future’ campaign.

Eke Tū: Gym instructor tackling invisible epidemic

28 July 2016

A gym instructor with years of experience working with rugby players, kids, and a special Olympian, heads a new Turanga Health programme helping patients live longer, healthier and more independent lives. And a small number of Three Rivers Medical patients are set to benefit.

Winter is here!

1 April 2016

July and August are when winter ills and chills hit - and as a result there can be longer waiting times for the doctor.